Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine services are provided by VCU Health Systems to include an Athletic Trainer on site for all home games and on most practice days at Richard Bland College. The goal of the Athletic Training Staff at Richard Bland College is to provide a safe training environment for all of our student-athletes and to provide the highest level of healthcare to our student-athletes.

Student-Athletes who suffer an injury or illness will be returned to play when it is safe to do so and under the supervision of the Athletic Trainer and/or treating physician. VCU Sports Medicine has physicians of many different specialties that RBC Student-Athletes can be promptly seen in office when an injury illness occurs.

All athletes are required to have a valid physical on file before beginning any athletic activity on campus each school year. All athletes are required to fill out a basic health history, insurance, and demographic information using the Sportsware program. Athletes should upload a front and back copy of their primary and/or secondary insurance card into this program to minimize the amount of paperwork to be done once the athlete arrives on campus. 

After the athlete has been added into Sportsware and sets a password they can input all information onto the site and can download a physical form including three other forms (Insurance and Policies, Authorization, and Assumption of Risk) that must be read, signed, dated and turned in when the athlete arrives on campus.

Returning student athletes must merely update their information if their insurance and/or demographic information has changed. A new physical is required prior to the new school year beginning. Rest assured that the Sportsware program is HIPAA compliant, secure, and all athlete information will be kept private as each athlete is only allowed to see and fill out their own information.

Sports Medicine policies and procedures can be read more in depth on the form below titled Insurance and Policies. Student-Athletes will not begin practice, workouts, games, or any other athletic activity until the aforementioned physical and paperwork is complete.

SWOL Introduction Letter to Athletes

Physical Examination Form

Insurance and Policies

Medical Information Release Form