While each student athlete is required to maintain the academic eligibility criteria (2.0 gpa) by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).  The Richard Bland College Department of Athletics holds their student-athletes to a much higher standard. We expect our student-athletes to achieve academic excellence beyond the requirement set forth by the NJCAA.  Therefore our commitment to the student-athletes is evident by employing full-time academic support personnel, who in turn collaborates with the specific team coaches, academic counselors and professors to assist with an attainable academic plan to guide each student-athlete.

 The various component of our program ensures that student-athletes take responsibility in their effort in the classroom. Mandatory study halls are conducted by teams on a weekly basis for a number of hours (determined by the department) committed exclusively for studying as a team. Tutoring is arranged with our academic support personnel to allow student-athletes to focus and strengthen their specific area of need in a particular subject area. Monthly progress reports are used as a tracking system designed to ensure the coaching staffs and administration are in sync with the student-athletes current academic progress. This monitoring system provides an opportunity for the staff to intervene and collaborate with the professors and tutoring specialists when the student requires assistance.

 In addition, there are resources available for students requiring academic assistance in their specific situation. We encourage our student-athletes to take advantage of every opportunity available to them. The Writing Center is another resource that our student-athletes are expected to utilize to increase their writing skills through improved articulation tips and suggestions. Our doors are always open, as we welcome the student-athletes requiring assistance with their coursework to prepare for their education beyond Richard Bland College.